Eclipse 2017 & Baby’s First Slumber Party

In preparation for the total solar eclipse, Chunker and I decided to stay the night at Grandma's house! It was the first time since Chunker's birth that we have stayed anywhere other than our house. To my surprise, it went very very well. Chunker was cuddled and snuggled and loved on and mommy even got… Continue reading Eclipse 2017 & Baby’s First Slumber Party


Are You Ready?

Many of us in the United States are spending the day (and perhaps the last week) preparing for tomorrow's solar eclipse. According to Bustle, this will be the first total eclipse in almost 100 years that almost all of the U.S. will get to experience. What are you doing to prepare? For us, we decided… Continue reading Are You Ready?

Mom Can’t Win: Job Edition

We all know that us mamas have it rough sometimes. It's difficult to juggle all the many things we have to do and the mommy guilt that is always lingering overhead for the things we just can't get done. We are moms, and while we are superhuman, sometimes we have to make some really difficult… Continue reading Mom Can’t Win: Job Edition

How to Entertain Babies: 0-3 Months

Entertaining any child can be difficult. They aren't exactly great at communicating what they would like to do which leaves us mamas playing a guessing game. This is especially true of little babies. Chunker just turned four months old, so I feel like some sort of mommy expert (HA!) on the entertaining world of 0-3… Continue reading How to Entertain Babies: 0-3 Months

Boys & Body Image

I have seen lots of posts aimed at body image issues and how mothers present themselves in front of their daughters, but it seems as if that relationship has been completely ignored between mothers and their sons. I can't imagine why we as a population would choose to overlook something so important. Not only do men… Continue reading Boys & Body Image

Helicopter Mom Trying to Raise an Independent Child

My son is just shy of his four month birthday and my husband already jokingly calls me a helicopter mom! Yes, the moment my son cries, I am there. I am absolutely incapable of letting my son cry it out and I have absolutely no inclination to let him do so. (No judgment to those… Continue reading Helicopter Mom Trying to Raise an Independent Child

5 Questions You Just Shouldn’t Ask

Whether you are pregnant or a new mom, you are going to be bombarded by all of kinds of questions. In my experience, most people don't even think about what is coming out of there mouth before they experience "inappropriate question vomit". Some things we just don't want to and shouldn't have to answer. Here… Continue reading 5 Questions You Just Shouldn’t Ask